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Narrow living room decorating tips and ideas are broad – Narrow living room decorating tips and ideas are broad. The way to decorate a narrow living room is not an easy job. We will always experience a dilemma, between meeting the need for function or aesthetics.

The matter of these two things cannot really be negated, or just choose one of them, interior design is not like that. You must be able to have both, and also cannot ignore the third factor, space psychology.

Even though it has a small living room, it is still possible for you to fulfill the three main objectives of interior design. Don’t worry, there are many simple tricks and tips shared by many experts such as designers, decorators or interior stylists who succeed in changing a situation that seems unlikely to be the opposite.

Here are some simple, brilliant tricks on how to decorate a narrow-sized living room to look more spacious.

Comfort is the key to all interior design ideas and concepts. Especially in a narrow room, comfort remains a priority. Consider a design idea that can provide maximum comfort for your small living room.

How to decorate a narrow living room with color tricks.

To make a small space appear larger, the choice of paint colors should not be ignored. Maintain white paint colors to brighten space. If you want a color accent, use it on furniture. This can also function as an interior focus point as a whole.

Curtains choice.

Narrow living room decorating tips and ideas are broad

Small living rooms are in dire need of the best lighting settings to help maximize space. Curtains or curtains are highly recommended to help maximize light in a small living room.

Choose models and colors that are in harmony with the color of the wall or part of the floor to fit aesthetically. As well as one more, hanging curtains or curtains a few inches taller, it really helps to visualize the small space looks bigger.

How to decorate a living room with a large carpet.

Narrow living room decorating tips and ideas are broad

Choosing a bigger carpet, even in bold patterns is an easy trick that makes the room feel bigger. Unlike smaller carpets, large sizes do not visually break the floor, said an interior expert quoted from housebeautiful.

Coffee table option

Using two small coffee tables that can be moved around as needed, better than a large coffee table that takes up space and is not flexible enough.

Playing with scale.

Narrow living room decorating tips and ideas are broad

Don’t be afraid of the size of oversized furniture. Many small things in a small room can make the room feel messy, use a few large pieces of furniture that focus on comfort.

Double-Duty Furniture.

When the size of the room feels less, then you will also experience various dilemmas. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative either. Furniture that has dual functions, or the concept of smart furniture can be a solution.

Show artwork strategically.
Believe it or not, displaying a few pieces of art can make a small room look special, especially about the aesthetic and artistic appearance it produces. Try to dare to display artwork in a small living room, attach a few to the wall with a placement that can strategically create the illusion of space that looks very pleasant.

Low seating.
The lower sofa creates a visual effect from a higher ceiling. Add a pillow to make it feel more comfortable and create a relaxed atmosphere.

Those are some simple tricks that you can try. Design and decoration of small rooms are easy, especially the living room.

How to decorate a small living room to make it look impressive is not an easy job. But if you apply the bright idea above plus creativity you can still do it. May be useful.

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