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Valentino Rossi Will Fight Desperately For The Champion – Valentino Rossi Drivers Movistar Yamaha will fight hard after overcoming the problem on his motorbike. in 10 races left in MotoGP. He wants to catch up with the Repsol Honda Team rider Marc Marquez.

Rossi realized that Marquez’s speed was difficult to pursue. But the Italian rider is optimistic Yamaha can catch Honda after successfully overcoming all YZR-M1 problems during the summer holidays.

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In the MotoGP standings, Marquez was still comfortable at the top with 165 points. He is 46 points ahead of Rossi. Technically both are the toughest competitors in the world title race this season.

“I finished half of the season with the best results, second place. But I was a bit behind far from Marquez,” Rossi said, quoted from Radio Deejay.

“To keep the competition open, I have to find a way to go faster. It’s just a way to make Marquez difficult if he can’t get the season fast,” said the 39-year-old MotoGP rider.

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Valentino Rossi Will Fight Desperately For The Champion, During the summer holidays, Rossi has prepared everything for the Czech Republic MotoGP race that took place at Brno Circuit this weekend.

“Sunday in Brno starts the second half of 2018, August will be a very busy month, with three races in four weeks. Brno and Austria in a row, and free weeks before Silverstone,” he said.


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